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Can anybody help me with this PV Analysis Problem?

asked 2013-11-12 05:48:13 -0500

newbee123 gravatar image


I am currently working on PTDF issues with PV Analysis.

I have a system with 13 generator sub-systems and 13 load sub-systems.

I want to see a PV analysis between some specific generators and some specific loads.

But, everytime I try to run PV Analysis, I see error message saying


Messages for API PVENGINE5

INVALID VALUES(6) value:0.0 (000177)


I think there might be some problem on building DFAX or simulation configuration.

But I have little clue to hold on for myself to cling on.

Can anybody help me with this problem? What could that error index(6) imply?

Or Is there any functions I can do it on psspy?

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answered 2013-11-14 19:59:55 -0500

jconto gravatar image

Load and solve your case, it should converged. The DFX file creation is independent of the PV study. If there is a problem during its creation, chances are data in the source files contain mistakes (SUB,MON,CON).

If you are using a script to create the dfx file, use the latest function version of the PV function that correspond to your PSSe installation version. You can use files (savnw.sav...) provided in the EXAMPLE folder within the PSSe installation folder to create a test DFX and even to create a "make_dfx" python script .

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answered 2014-01-09 16:53:16 -0500

yfwing gravatar image

Agree with @jconto. The PV study and the DFAX are independent with each other. You maycheck the API for PVENGINE5, the input parameters for VALUES(6) is to set the percent of rating in the excessive branch loading check. This value should be greater than 0.0.

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answered 2013-11-14 14:37:14 -0500

terrytian gravatar image

can you post your code?

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