unable to increment transfer in the base case!?

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Dear friends, this is along time since I'm trying to display pv curves, and I'm still working. So I will so grateful if you could help. The objective is to determine the maximum power that could be evacuated or dispatched between two zone, this two zone are connected by 400kV lines (2 lines connect all the zones in the network ) and 225kv lines (more than 5), in each zone there's more than 2 plants ( each plant has 2 to 6 generators) This is my questions: How can I resolve this error? Is it possible to do pv analysis between this two zone even if they are connected by many and different types of lines where the structure is meshed for 225kv lines ? How can I chose the dispatch method? Each generator in service in the sink and source subsystem is participating? Is there any other way to achieve this objective without using pv analysis? The increment transfer MW is the sum of whole MW produced in zone source ?
Thanks in advance.

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