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What is the base value used for the PMAX and PMIN values in REECB1 and REPCA1

asked 2019-06-12 17:43:37 -0500

bikiran1991 gravatar image

In the MODELS book, it says that these values are specified in pu (base). I am confused whether this means the system base or the generator MVA base.

Looking forward to learning the correct answer.

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answered 2019-06-13 00:36:51 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

The values are in generator MVA base.

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Does these models have any default parameters for like Kp or Ki wich represent PI control proportional and integral gains ? If yes, where is it ? I investigated through PAG1 and PAG2 and found nothing about it.

Diogo Carrilho gravatar imageDiogo Carrilho ( 2020-04-15 18:18:41 -0500 )edit

answered 2020-05-19 18:14:23 -0500

pk gravatar image

Kp & Ki parameter is available in REPCA1 ,J+1 , J+2. You can tune it as per your requirement

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