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time steps in dynamic simulation.

asked 2019-04-04 17:47:11 -0500

maryam gravatar image

Hello everyone, I playin some signal( voltage and frequency) in a generator. When I get the dynamic simulation, I expect that I get a vector with same as time step in the input signal. but I get the different. Input time step is 0.03 but when I put the 0.03 in psspy.dynamicssolutionparam2([i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i],[f,f,0.03,f,f,f,f,f]) I get the NaN. I define the run with this code:,tend,1,1,0) any one can help me? my input and out put are like this one: @!time, f(Hz) 0, 59.99791 0.033, 59.99792 0.068, 59.99794 and outputs are like: time, P 0, 100 0.00068, 101 Thank you

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answered 2019-04-05 19:03:30 -0500

maryam gravatar image

Thank you jconto.

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answered 2019-04-05 13:57:38 -0500

jconto gravatar image

if using the playback model "PLBVFU1" , check the post "Example using PLBVFU1 playback generator" for additional info.

In a playback run, the time step of the input signal may be different that the one used for the simulation (usually 1/4 of a cycle = 0.004166) The value given, 0.03 sec is seven times larger than 0.004166!! Try a run with the default time step.

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