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Problem in opening .dll files from other pc

asked 2022-09-07 05:09:16 -0500

alexius gravatar image

Hi everyone,

I have no issues in creating a .dll file, but when I load from another pc (the psse is the same version) I have as error message "Library not found (000301)"

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answered 2022-09-07 19:53:17 -0500

jconto gravatar image

We do it at my workplace all the time without problems.

The message "Library not found (000301)" seems to indicate that the dll was not loaded because it was not found. Check the path use to load the dll file. Used absolute path (c:\abc\..\xyz.dll) to load the xyz.dll file.

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I do too with dll from other companies. I think the problem stands in my env manager because I create the .dll from pc and I have the same version of psse in my pc and virtual machine, then I copy and paste the folder containing .dll and .lib and loading dll gives that error.

alexius gravatar imagealexius ( 2022-09-08 02:41:26 -0500 )edit

Yes. Make sure that DLL was generated with default fortran compiler for the PSSE version which you are using.

Mahesh gravatar imageMahesh ( 2022-11-01 02:10:44 -0500 )edit

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