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PSSE 33.12 UDM DLL import into PSSE 34.7 ?

asked 2022-02-02 10:38:04 -0600

CamelCamelCamel gravatar image

updated 2022-02-02 10:38:44 -0600

I have a number of User Defined Models (UDM) DLLs which are for generators in my interconnection queue, and they are in PSSE 33.12. My latest generation queue is in PSSE 34.7, and it's required to model ALL previous interconnection customers, which submitted models in PSSE 33.12.

How do I get those PSSE 33.12 DLL files to be usable in PSSE 34.7?

It seems stupid to throw away all my generation models on each update of PSSE, especially when utilities are accepting User Defined Models from generators. Is Siemens working on a method to make this sustainable for their customers in the future, with some version-agnostic DLL?

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answered 2022-02-02 17:00:46 -0600

jconto gravatar image

OBJ and DLL files have to be compiled for each PSEE version, therfore, OBJ or DLL for v.33 cannot be used with v.34 Go back to the DLL owner and request a DLL version compiled for PSSe 34.7

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