Wrapper code for MATLAB Simulink generated dll file

asked 2023-12-17 07:53:35 -0600

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Hi.. I have generated C code of the simulink block using Simulink coder and then created DLL file using .net framefork in Visual Studio code and its work fine in PSS/E 35 version. But in DLL file the CON descriptions are not appearing. I came to know that I need to write wrapper code for that. I need help in writing wrapper code. Please help me.

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Hi, this is great. I am curious on how you have been able to call the functions in mode1, 2 and 3 and make it work in psse v35. Can you send an email to piklu1991@gmail.com so we can have a detailed discussion Regarding con descriptions not working, you have to write mode 8 in your fortran code.

txc gravatar imagetxc ( 2023-12-22 06:07:33 -0600 )edit