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I want to use user-defined model with fortran

asked 2018-02-06 04:56:39 -0500

anonymous user


Hello, I want to use user-defined model with fortran

I use PSS/E V34.2.0

and, I want to make user-defined model

So, I will learn about fortran.

but I don't know what fortran version is used in PSS/E after version 33.0

fortran77? fortran90? fortran95?

here is an example fortran source code

.flx file

  INTEGER   I,      J,      K,      JJ,     KK,
 *          IB,     IBUS,   IBPTR
  REAL      VERROR, VR,     DEL2,   FDBK,   SS,    R_TF_KF
  IF (MODE.EQ.8) GO TO 1500                   ! GET DATA DESCRIPTIONS
  I=IARG                                      ! MACHINE ARRAY INDEX
  J=STRTIN(1,ISLOT)                           ! STARTING 'CON'
  K=STRTIN(2,ISLOT)                           ! STARenter code hereTING 'STATE'
  IF (MODE.GT.4) GO TO 1000
  IB=NUMTRM(I)                               ! RETURN IF OFF-LINE
  IF (IB<=0) RETURN                        ! OR SVS OR INDUCTION MACHINE


I think this example is made by fortran77

so, I have to learn fortran77?

please tell me the answer TT

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answered 2022-07-01 12:09:44 -0500

sobhanB gravatar image

such as this case I also have the following message in the installation file, I would be thankful if let me know how could fix it.

[Intel Runtime Libraries not found] An installation of the Intel Fortran compiler version 19 was not found. PSS®E 35 was built using IVF 19. At a minimum, the IVF 19 runtime libraries are needed to run PSS®E 35. The PSS®E 35 installer has copies IVF 19 runtime libraries to the SETUP folder. If the IVF version installed on your computer is later than IVF 19, run Environment Manager (EM) version 9.0 or later to copy latest IVF runtime libraries to the PSSBIN folder. If you are unsure of IVF versions insatlled on your computer, open EM. It provides a list IVF versions installed.

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See post "Intel Runtime Libraries not found - PSSE Installation"

perolofl gravatar imageperolofl ( 2022-07-03 03:16:01 -0500 )edit

answered 2018-02-06 14:11:43 -0500

jconto gravatar image

I agree with perolofi, use Fortran 90/95 sintax. The IVF 15.0 Fortran compiler reads Fortran90/95 as well as '77 sintax.

From the PSSE_Install.pdf manual:

"2.1 Overview

If you plan to use certain advanced modules for PSS®E program options, you will need to obtain the Intel Visual Fortran compiler, Version 15 for each system....

2.2 Compiler Installation

User-written software included with PSS®E (e.g. Conec, Conet, user-written dynamics models, programs that call USRCAS) should be compiled with the version of the compiler used to create that version of the PSS®E product. We cannot provide support for problems that arise when mixing code from different compilers.

... PSS®E 34 was built with IVF 15.0. Any version of IVF 10.1 or later can be used to build extension libraries (for example dsamusr.dll).

If the IVF compiler that you use and the one used to build PSS®E 34 are different, it is required that the later run-time subroutines be used."

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answered 2018-02-06 05:19:04 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

You can at least use Fortran90.

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