Getting the PVD1 model (distributed PV) into PSSe?

asked 2017-08-10 08:40:39 -0600

CamillusRex gravatar image


I'm trying to study the effects of PV modelling on system stability. Almost all the PV in my system is distributed/small-scale, rather than large-scale "plants". I would therefore like to use the PVD1 model, which the WECC recommends for this purpose (see their Solar Plant Dynamic Modelling Guidelines). However, unlike the large-scale PV models (REGCA, REECB, REPCA) the PVD1 model is not included in the PSSe model library (I'm using PSSe 34).

Does anyone know if a PSSe-compatible PVD1 model exists somewhere, and if yes, can anyone walk me through the procedure of compiling + linking it? If not, might there be a workaround -- using another model to emulate PVD1 functionality?

Thanks in advance!

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