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WT3T1 Model Variable

asked 2021-04-06 15:12:14 -0500

wayne850306 gravatar image

In WT3T1 wind turbine drive train model, there's a variable called TELEC in the model. Where can I get this variable from. For type-1 and type-2 wind generator, there's TELEC in generator VARs.

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answered 2021-04-27 16:00:47 -0500

wayne850306 gravatar image

To calculate electrical torque (Telec) from active power generation (Pelec) and the generator speed (SPEED), is the following equation correct?

Telec = Pelec/(SPEED+1)

,where Pelec is in per unit based on MBASE and SPEED is also in per unit. SPEED is come from WT3T1 which is the generator speed deviation. Pelec is active power calculated from Vterm * CONJ(ISORC) = Pelec + j Qelec. ISORC is the current injection from WT3G1/G2 or WT4G1/G2.

Also if Telec should be in per unit format, is MBASE will be used as the base value ?

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