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Ask for help about user writtrn wind models in PSS/E

asked 2022-09-10 22:40:56 -0500

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updated 2022-09-10 22:43:05 -0500

I have been studying the method of user model writing on wind machine and encountered some problems.

Firstly, I wonder what is the output of generator model of a wind machine since the "interface to network model" of REGCAU1 is blocked in MODELS.pdf. After reading POM.pdf and PAGV2.pdf,I found some information about this problem and tried to write ISORCE(MC)=CMPLX(Ip,Iq) at MODE3 of generator model in FORTRAN, which respented the current injection. However, I failed with this method. Then I wrote PELEC(MC)=ETERM(MC)*Ip, and I noticed the ETERM turned to zero. When I assigned ETERM(MC) a value of 1.0, it worked and I could monitor the PELEC in .out after dynamic simulation. There is no doubt that this method is also incorrect. As a result, I wonder if you could tell me how to write the output of generator model of a wind machine.

Secondly,I wonder how to share variables between modules. I know hot to get and change variables which are inclued in Table 19-1. Dynamic Simulation Arrays of POM.pdf, such as WAEROT=PMECH/(1+WTRBSP). However, some variables are not present in Table 19-1, such as one of the outputs of REECAU1, Pord, whinch is the input of WTPTAU1, I don't know how to get, change and share variables like Pord in this situation.

Thirdly,I wonder if it is possible to creat new variables. For example, when I replace REECAU1 and WTPTAU1 with my written wind electrical and pitch control models, could I use PORD(MC) to represent Pord and share it between these two models. If it is possible, how to do it?

The above are all my current problems.Looking forward to your reply.Thanks a lot!!!

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answered 2023-09-26 08:24:19 -0500

aiden gravatar image

updated 2023-09-26 17:29:52 -0500

First question , if you use isource, u need to add voltage/zsource, because generators model is in Norton model , u need to add the current flow through the equivalent shunt impedance. dq current need to be converted into xy current by using the voltage angle matrix second question, if u want to deliver quantity from one model to another, just write it into the VAR array and use python to read from the source model and rewrite into another model.

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