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How do I model a wind turbine to study its fault current contribution?

asked 2024-05-12 01:37:44 -0500

anup gravatar image

I am trying to study steady state three phase fault current contribution from wind turbine, type VI. What data and functions do I need to limit fault current contribution to 1.3 p.u.?

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answered 2024-05-15 20:28:48 -0500

Tassie Dave gravatar image

Hi Anup PSSE provides a special fault current source format for wind and solar inverter sources. It is called "Non-Conventional Source Fault Contribution". You can see it in section 2.12 of the Data Formats Reference Manual.

I understand that it has to be configured in the .seq file. You can save your case as .seq, edit it to add this data, and re-load the seq.

By the way, I assume you are talking about a type IV wind turbine, rather than type VI. Unless someone has invented another two classes of wind turbine while I was not looking. :-) Dave

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