PSSE crashing when using pssaccss

asked 2018-07-11 20:17:40 -0500

patrickrossiter gravatar image

Hi there,

I am having some difficulty using pssaccss in PSSE v34.1.1. When trying to extract some data from a .acc file, PSSE just crashes with no explanation. Below is the code which is causing the issue. Has anyone used pssaccss successfully?

On a related note, I notice that when printing dir(pssaccss), none of the methods listed match those described in the manual. Why is this? This is why i am using acccfileinit rather than acccfileinitialize, because acccfileinitialize does not appear in pssaccss.

accfile = 'ascc - SpL16.acc'
accsize = [1] * 21
n = pssaccss.accc_file_init(accfile, accsize)
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