Interchange or swap winding columns for 2-winding transformer in PSSE using python (psspy)

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I am running a power flow solution in PSSE and its solving without any errors. However, when I try to implement the same parameter settings through python (psspy) the solution is unable to converge.

With all the parameters to be the same as selected manually in PSSE and psspy.fnsl() the solution is expected to converge in both cases. But for some reason not able to solve via python. There are these warning messages that the idle is showing after the run:

" Messages for api TWOWINDINGCHNG_6

Messages for two-winding transformer circuit "1" from BUSNUMBER* to BUSNUMBER* (005056)

Warn: Winding 1 bus base voltage (69.0000) and nominal voltage (161.000) differ by more than 20(005076)

Warn: Winding 2 bus base voltage (161.000) and nominal voltage (69.0000) differ by more than 20(005076)

Info: Winding 1 and winding 2 sides are interchanged (005095) "

Note: BUSNUMBER* corresponds to the FROM and TO bus number respectively

As I can't see anything that should be going wrong when running through python, I believe the problem might be these warning messages. There are large number of same warning messages saying Winding 1 and Winding 2 sides are interchanges (005095). This interchange of winding columns is happening after the python script run (I don't know why, but its happening). Is there a way that I can swap the columns for Bus Base Voltage/Nominal Bus Voltage using psspy function?

Any suggestions/feedback for the same will be appreciated. Cheers!

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