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Question about retrieving ACC results using python

asked 2017-12-19 06:51:42 -0500

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updated 2017-12-19 07:13:22 -0500


I was trying to write a code in python to get the following information from acc file: [Monitored Element,Contingency Name, Rating, Flow, Percent], [Monitored Bus,Contingency Name,VINIT,VCONT,Percent].

pssarrays.accc_solution().mvaflow/ampflow only gives a list of MVA flows/Ampere Flows and is not able to tell which flow is associated with a monitored element due to a given contingency.

Can anyone share/suggest insights on this matter?

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answered 2017-12-26 09:50:35 -0500

nwilson gravatar image

updated 2017-12-26 09:57:10 -0500

In your PTI\PSSE33\EXAMPLE folder, check out the program. Check out their use of psarrays.accc_summary where they iterate through the element labels that correspond with the accc_solution function.

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