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Python on PSSE :need mentor to learn that

asked 2021-08-25 21:36:30 -0600

Pkay gravatar image

Hello ,

I am new to PSSE and Python . Currently i can perform load flow , dynamic simulation , contingency analysis using PSSE raw , sld . dyr file . I would like to do this analysis using Python . is there any video tutorial , book or paid training or sample python code available for that?

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Comments Read this and build on from there and the API manual.

likethevegetable gravatar imagelikethevegetable ( 2021-08-30 14:25:19 -0600 )edit

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answered 2021-08-26 09:33:10 -0600

jconto gravatar image

Visit my google drive site. It contains several PSSe demo cases, each with scripts to do the dynamic run.

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