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Is there any alternative function command for NSWICH in v35 ?

asked 2022-08-03 19:45:06 -0500

CPReddy gravatar image

NSWICH command has been removed from common4.ins of v35. Is there any alternative function ? Please help me.

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answered 2022-08-05 03:43:40 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

Switched shunts models are changed in rev 35 since multiple switched shunts are allowed at a bus.

The subroutine call is now SUBROUTINE XXXXXX(ISW,ISLOT), where ISW is the internal number of the switched shunt.

Since the switched shunt index (ISW) is an input into the model, any references to NSWICH (which was used to obtain the switched shunt index earlier) need to be removed.

See Chapter " Changes in Dynamics when Modeling Multiple Switched Shunts" in rev 35 Release Notes.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

CPReddy gravatar imageCPReddy ( 2022-10-28 13:43:30 -0500 )edit

answered 2022-08-08 08:55:48 -0500

Alex P gravatar image



IB is the bus sequence nmber (input) (Use BSSQNC to get this from the regular bus number).

ID is the shunt ID number (input)

ISW is the switch shunt sequence number (output)

PSS/E FORTRAN documentation is really underwhelming.

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Hi Alex, Yes, now my code is working. Thanks for your support.

CPReddy gravatar imageCPReddy ( 2022-10-28 13:43:01 -0500 )edit

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