Loosing PSSe V32 licenses switching to CodeMeter for V35

asked 2019-08-29 10:13:53 -0500

Lester gravatar image

Does anyone have any experience switching from Sentinel network licences to CodeMeter? PSSe V35 uses CodeMeter protection exclusively and I understand we are required to convert Sentinel licences to CodeMeter to use V35. CodeMeter does not work with versions < V33.8 and we are still using V32 extensively. From what I understand, PTI requires us to give up V32 licenses (Sentinel) if we want to use V35 (CodeMeter) and keep the same overall number of licences split between the two licensing technologies. If my understanding is correct, this is a change of licencing philosophy as previously the number of licences was not related to the version. I cannot get clear information from PTI. How PTI can remove a product when we have already paid for it? Does anyone have additional information please?

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