WPCMND problem in UDM [closed]

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Hi everyone, I am writing a UDM in fortran for an auxiliary control to control the active power of inverter. My problem is that after calcolating the active power setpoint and associating to WPCMND the power of wind control machine doesn't change.

I wrote WPCMND only in MODE 3, this is the full mode: if(MODE .EQ. 3)then Pmeapoi=VAR(L) vinp=Pmeapoi vout= LAGMODE3(1.0,Ts,vinp,K) Pmisfilt=vout VAR(L+1)=Pmisfilt dPpi=VAR(L+2)-Pmisfilt VAR(L+3)=dPpi c calcolo integratore vinp=dPpi vout = INTMODE3(KiP,vinp,K+1) PoutInt=vout VAR(L+4)=PoutInt VAR(L+5)=PoutInt+KpP*dPpi
c Associare con l'indice della macchina
Int+KpP*dPpi)/Sn !p.u. di Machine Sn c debug variables
VAR(L+6)=I VAR(L+7)=WPCMND(I) return endif

I can see from the my PSS/E dyr file that VAR(L+7), in which I saved again, is well defined. Where can I be wrong?

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I found my answer here https://psspy.org/psse-help-forum/question/8606/how-to-use-wipcmdmc-and-wiqcmdmc/%3C/p%3E (https://psspy.org/psse-help-forum/question/8606/how-to-use-wipcmdmc-and-wiqcmdmc/)

alexius gravatar imagealexius ( 2022-08-03 03:24:47 -0500 )edit