How to read old .raw version and still converge?

asked 2021-11-23 09:51:36 -0600

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I am loading a v30.0 .raw file into v34.0 through the API using readrawversion().

The window outputs the details of each step of the conversion from v30.0 to v34.0. After reaching v34.0 I receive errors pertaining to the items listed below. The model then fails to converge by a significant margin. Questions are:

  1. Is it possible to avoid the conversion altogether? This would be ideal.

  2. During the conversion, I believe it causes a change to default voltage values (I caught this reading a separate forum post). Is it possible to avoid this reset?

Error items below.

A number of generators: Error: Invalid ZSORCE reactance: .00000; set to 1.00000 (002230)

A number of non-xfr branches: Warn: Non-transformer branch connects buses with different base voltages (000490)

A number of xfrs (with different voltage tap settings): Error: Winding one tap setting is not on a step: .963250; set to .963503 (004680)

A number of interchanges: Error: Area interchange tolerance (.00000) is not positive; set to 10.0000 (000340)

A number of Owners: Info: No equipment is assigned to owner 2 (002900)

A number of switched shunts: Warn: Block 1 has no steps (004226) OR Error: Invalid number of steps in block 1: 65; set to 9 (004222)

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