How to make dyr file (WT4G1 and WT4E1) suitable for more and more renewable penetration?

asked 2021-04-24 12:45:14 -0500

Khwrwmdao Basumatary gravatar image

Hi, I am working on renewable integration in PSSE, I am facing issues while putting more renewable in the network. After few percentages of RE penetration, there are some flanks (spikes). I am trying to understand dynamic data given in the PSSE manual and found data for WT4G1 and WT4E1 which is suitable for up to 2.5 MW wind capacity. But I am testing more than 2.5 MW around 500-900 MW wind, including Hydropower. I am looking for help!

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I had some similar issues, but using the 2nd generation generic models (WT4G2 and WT4E2). I believe there was some issue in the parameters of the control I put, but was unable to measure Iqcmd or Ipcmd for further debugging. As I was out of time, I replaced WT4E2 with REECA1 (see the Models.pdf).

EMag gravatar imageEMag ( 2021-04-27 02:49:43 -0500 )edit