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Question about the RAS Module

asked 2018-10-24 12:23:39 -0500

rafaels100 gravatar image

Hello ! Whenever I set a couple of conditions for the RAS module to check on them, and I run it from another script, I get the action() function working properly and it even says that, for example, some branch changed its status from 1 to 0, so it tripped. But when I open the CASE in the GUI, the branch is still at status 1, or the bus is still connected, and so on. I already tried saving the case once the RAS its done, but it wont stay changed. Any help or insights over this ? Thanks

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answered 2018-10-24 15:58:31 -0500

bean gravatar image

Are you using RAS with ACCC? If so, the base case isn't modified by RAS actions, only the contingency cases are.

If you specify an incremental saved case zip file output for ACCC, you can load each contingency case from the zip file to see the impact of the RAS actions.

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Great I got it working ! At first I couldn't get the zip file, but then I realized that you need to enable it in the optacc array (is the 11th element) in the accc_with_dsp_3() function, and then you need to use the getcontingencysavedcase() for loading the .isv contigenency files. Many thanks !

rafaels100 gravatar imagerafaels100 ( 2018-10-26 09:35:09 -0500 )edit

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