Changing transmission line voltages?

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Hi everyone,

Currently working on GMD project and need to figure out how to change transmission line voltages.

To rule out some questions, some background info. Right now our university software license doesn't have the GIC model. This is irrelevant, anyway, because we are working with another team from the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences' GIC algorithm. GOAL: We would like to add their induced voltages to the ACTIVSg10k test case and run a power flow

So far, we discovered three options:

1) Convert transmission line voltages to substation voltages and change the substation voltage through API

2) Manually change all transmission line voltages

3) Add induced transmission line voltages to existing transmission line voltages

The problem with (1) is that there isn't a good way to tell how the transmission line voltage affects the substations on either end. Does it affect, e.g., substation1 more, or substation2? or just substation1 and not substation2?

The only problem with the (2)&(3) is that I have not found any information through their documents on how to change transmission voltages only substation, which is why I am posting here :]

Any information is greatly appreciated. My eyes are hurting from scanning those 500+ page documents!!! Maybe (I'm hoping) I just simply missed something :D

  • Chris
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