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Difference between API's branch flow data and branch data retrieval

asked 2020-12-07 12:24:16 -0500

boat14 gravatar image

Can someone confirm if I have this concept correct between the difference between PSSE's API branch flow data and branch data retrieval?

  • Branch flow data (aflowXXX): Only returns data in double entry (each branch in both directions).
  • Branch data (abrnXXX): Provides options to include data in single entry (each branch once) or double entry (each branch in both directions).

It sounds like the Branch data (abrnXXX) series allows for more flexibility as we can just request one entry or both entries.

Would doing double entry with the Branch data (abrnXXX) have the same result as the Branch flow data (aflowXXX) commands?

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answered 2020-12-10 00:06:39 -0500

SqFKYo gravatar image

I never use aflowXXX commands since it returns the values in different order than abrnXXX and thus is incompatible at least on PSSE33. It also has less options than abrnXXX.

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