Susbstation data retrieval APIs fail to return arrays

asked 2018-07-11 11:42:25 -0500

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Hi everybody,

I am working on modeling the node-breaker topology of substation for our grid network. This procedure includes reading substation data from our EMS case, performing some modifications on the data, and then using these data to build substations in our planning cases. The problem comes when I try to retrieve the switching device data! For some substations, this API works without any problem. But for some of them it says "Array allocation failed in AFETCHNODE" and restarts the Shell! Here is the peace of code I use:

ParentEMSNUM = [6771,6772,6773,6774,6775,6776,6777,6778]

psspy.bsys(2,0,[ 1.0, 765.],0,[],len(ParentEMSNUM),ParentEMSNUM,0,[],0,[])

ierr, from_num = psspy.astaswdevint(2, 1, 'FROMNODE')

Note that in the second line, I define a bus subsystem that includes only buses inside a particular substation. It's because the substation data retrieval APIs need to specify a subsystem instead of the substation name itself (kinda weird). I am wondering if it is a memory problem! Because sometimes if I get lucky, the API returns the array successfully. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


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