PV Transfer implement_transfer subsystem issue

asked 2018-09-06 17:13:35 -0500

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I'm trying to create a wind transfer sensitivity to increase wind in one region and decrease generation in another region (i.e. Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas to East Coast). To do this, I setup a subsystem with a few areas in Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas, pull area machine data using amachchar() and amachint(), determine which buses have a wind machine, and build a SUB file with these buses in a specified subsystem, as well as a specified subsystem with areas on the East Coast. I then run DFAX with this new SUB file, and run implementtransfer2() to create the wind transfer sensitivity.

My issue is that when I run the implementtransfer2() function, it does not limit the 'source' to the specified buses in the subsystem. It also increases other machines that are not located on wind machine buses, but are in the areas that these buses are located in.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm not very familiar with the implementtransfer2() function or the PV transfer analysis that is run in PSSE, so I may be missing something here.

Some excerpts of my script are as follows:

spp_areas = [524,525,526,531,534,536]
windfarm_data = ["SUBSYSTEM 'SPP-WIND'\n"]
psspy.bsys(1,0,[ 0.2, 999.],len(spp_areas),spp_areas,0,[],0,[],0,[])
ierr, (mach_ids,mach_names) = psspy.amachchar(1, 4, string=['ID','NAME'])
ierr, (mach_buses,mach_winds) = psspy.amachint(1, 4, string=['NUMBER','WMOD'])
for mach_id,mach_name,mach_bus,mach_wind in zip(mach_ids,mach_names,mach_buses,mach_winds):
    if mach_wind != 0:
        windfarm_data.append('  BUS %i\t\t\t/* %s %s\n' % (mach_bus, mach_name, mach_id) )

f.write(windfarm_data + "SUBSYSTEM 'EAST-SINK' blah blah blah" + "\nEND"
psspy.dfax_2([0, 1, 0],new_subfile, r'MON_file.mon', r'CON_file.con', r'DFX_file.dfx')
ierr = psspy.implement_transfer_2([5, 5, 1, 1], [500, 0.98], ['SPP-WIND', 'EAST-SINK'], r'DFX_file.dfx', "")

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