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How to assign .dll model in .dyr file or within user-interface?

asked 2024-02-04 09:53:55 -0600

Karakurum gravatar image

updated 2024-02-05 09:11:11 -0600

This is not a python question, but I figured someone here might help. The .dll file mentioned in the question regards a governor model for a generator. In the operating manual, I stumbled upon that user-written models for different network elements need to be defined with their own codes in .dyr file. However, i wasn't able to assign the the .dll governor model in the dynamics file. Is there a way of assigning it within the user-interface after loading the model library?

Thanks for the help.

Edit: With the line shared in the answers it should be possible to assign the DLL, given that the number of CONs ICONs STATEs VARs and the name of the model is known. In my case, the model name is unknown. Would there be a way of acquiring this information from the loaded DLL in PSS/E?

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answered 2024-02-05 02:56:23 -0600

perolofl gravatar image

updated 2024-02-05 11:44:36 -0600

In .dyr file a user written plant model is defined for a machine with:

BUSID ’USRMDL’ ID ’model name’ IC IT NI NC NS NV data list /

where IC is 5 for a governor model. Read in Program Operation Manual, Chapter "Reading Dynamics Model Data" - "User-Written Models. The .dyr file doesn't contain any DLL file, just calls of models with their parameters.

The DLL file with the user written model code is added to PSSE with menu Dynamics - Model Library - Load Model library.

EDIT: corrected IC number

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Thanks for the reply. That chapter was my starting point, but I wasn't able to find, to what IC IT NI NC NS NV referring. Thanks for the tip that IC should be 7 for governor. Do you know where I might find what others mean or should be?

Karakurum gravatar imageKarakurum ( 2024-02-05 04:17:01 -0600 )edit

Here is an update if it would help someone else: Found the part explaining IC IT.. codes under Dynamic Simulation Activity Descriptions in Operation Manual. IC for turbine governors should be '5' for PSS/E 34.

Karakurum gravatar imageKarakurum ( 2024-02-05 09:06:18 -0600 )edit

My mistake, of course IC shall be 5 for a governor model!

perolofl gravatar imageperolofl ( 2024-02-05 11:43:40 -0600 )edit

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