Library not found (000281)

asked 2021-08-22 20:33:34 -0600

Hi, I am struggling with a case and wondering if anyone can help me. I have got a new laptop and installed the same version of PSSe which I had in my old laptop (34.2.0). I transferred all my dlls in new one and when run the project using user defined library, receive this message for two of DLL files: ” Messages for api ADDMODELLIBRARY, Library not found (000281)”. It is whereas the all settings in new and old laptop are similar.

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Have you started PSS/E in the same directory as the DLL files? For the study packages I use, this is required.

likethevegetable gravatar imagelikethevegetable ( 2021-08-24 10:25:22 -0600 )edit

Yes I have started from the same directory. gravatar ( 2021-08-24 17:35:55 -0600 )edit