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A different "out" file is generated every time the dynamic simulation is conducted. But the "out" file will record information of the former simulations, making itself take up large memory, how can I solve the problem?

asked 2021-05-25 21:27:32 -0500

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Let me make an example: Based on a group of "sav" and "dyr" file, First run, the "out" file 1 may have 24 curves. And the second run, the "out" file 2 then will have 48 curves ( but the first 24 curves and the second 24 curves are exactly the same) how can I make it right? I want to make every "out" file have the right 24 curves.

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answered 2021-05-26 01:03:55 -0500

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The problem is that DYRE don't clear the channel data when a dynamic raw data file is read into PSSE. This means that any previously defined channels are kept after redoing DYRE.

In your case every simulation starts with loading the case, reading DYR-fil and adding channels. You have to clear the channel memory before adding channels. This is done with API:

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Thank you so much!!! it worked!

snapshot gravatar imagesnapshot ( 2021-05-26 01:33:32 -0500 )edit

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