Why are not all ICONs and VARs transferring when .DYR file is saved from .SNP

asked 2020-03-05 03:18:03 -0500

JohL gravatar image

I am new to PSS/E and am so far only using the GUI.

I have a snapshot file from which I want to save the dynamics model data into a .dyr file. I have encountered the problem that when running dynamic simulations with the .dyr file instead of the .snp file, the system becomes unstable which the system when loading dynamics data form the .snp file is not. In trouble-shooting, it became apparent that the .snp file has 313 ICONs while the .dyr file only has 138 ICONs. The VARs are also much fewer when loading the .dyr file, but the CONs and STATEs are the same. What I can see, all dynamic models have been saved and loaded correctly.

What can be the reason for not all ICONs and VARs remaining in the conversion from .snp to .dyr?

What could be the reason to why the system is not behaving in the same way with dynamics data from .dyr file instead of .snp file?

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