How to solve this problem of wind generator

asked 2019-11-18 00:29:17 -0600

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excuse me! Can anyone teach me how to solve the problem below? 1.During the fault period (three-phase grounding), the PCC point voltage will be very unstable (large oscillation) 2.When the generator connect to the grid,which parameters of generator should i update


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Don't be so quick to blame the wind generator model. It may be a physical oscillation (instability of the wind generator) or it may be a numerical oscillation (associated typically with a wind generator connecting to a grid with low short-circuit ratio).

jfconroy gravatar imagejfconroy ( 2019-11-18 01:26:21 -0600 )edit

This is right. There is maybe a physical limit. At the same time, optimizing the electrical control model of wind can probably help its stability performance

yunzhi cheng gravatar imageyunzhi cheng ( 2019-11-21 05:02:22 -0600 )edit