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How to apply Shallow/Medium/Deep voltage dip on 3-phase, 2-phase and single-phase?

asked 2019-09-22 02:08:19 -0600

LLL gravatar image

updated 2019-09-22 23:01:46 -0600

I am studying a paper by myself. In that paper, some testings has been done which includes Deep voltage dip on 3-phase, 2- phase and single-phase, Medium voltage dip on 3-phase, 2-phase and single-phase & Shallow voltge dip on 3-phase, 2-phase and single-phase from Test 01 to Test 09.

I believe these fault apply to POC bus.

Does anyone know how to apply these deep voltage dip? Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.

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answered 2019-09-23 03:14:12 -0600

perolofl gravatar image

I assume "Deep voltage dip" is a solid fault. Single phase and 2-phase faults can be simulated if sequence data are present in the saved case. See also post Application of Unbalanced Faults in Positive Sequence Dynamic Simulation

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Thank you for your help. However, it is the dynamic test.

LLL gravatar imageLLL ( 2019-09-23 05:35:00 -0600 )edit

What do you mean?

perolofl gravatar imageperolofl ( 2019-09-25 01:12:43 -0600 )edit

answered 2019-09-22 10:22:45 -0600

jconto gravatar image

Search this forum for the "playback" model. Keep the frequency vector constant at 60 Hz, shape the Voltage vector according to the voltage profile required.

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Thank you very much. Playback model is very useful. However, I still don't know how to implement the voltage dip on 2-phase and single-phase. For my understand, change the parameter of the model, it will implement 3-phase voltage dip, but how can we implement 2-phase and single-phase voltage dip?

LLL gravatar imageLLL ( 2019-09-22 23:03:58 -0600 )edit

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