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LCC HVDC PSS/E Modelling

asked 2019-03-06 02:08:05 -0500

Bilawal gravatar image

Hi, we have to model LCC HVDC in PSS/E. would someone guide us the steps. Chapter 19 (Program Application Guide: Volume II) provides the basics of modeling but does someone have FORTRAN example?

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answered 2019-03-06 04:13:12 -0500

jfconroy gravatar image

"Plan A" for you should be to use one of the built-in generic models provided in the PSS/E library. I have used the CHIGATT model before and its performance agreed very well with a custom model built by a HVDC manufacturer. "Plan B" is to write your own model, which is a much more complex exercise. My advice is to stick with "Plan A" unless you have a very specific reason why you need to write your own model ("Plan B").

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