PSSE VSC component faulty?

asked 2023-12-21 21:32:17 -0600

Onji gravatar image


I am modelling a VSC HVDC controlling an isolated network of renewables (wind, solar etc). Generators modelling renewables have an infinite internal impedance, as per recommendation. As I understand the VSC component is modelled the same way with infinite internal impedance.

This leads to a system of only current sources that cannot handle mismatch in current injection without huge effects on the voltage.

Per definition a VSC should be a [Voltage] Source Converter. Essentially it should be modelled like a generator with ISORCE and ZSORCE that gets converted to a Norton Equivalent via the CONG command.

Does anyone have any wisdom in how to go about this problem? Or is the VSC component not suitable for modelling this kind of system?

Answers much appreciated!

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