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How do you get the current working case file name (and path)?

asked 2018-12-26 12:32:43 -0500

TheBard gravatar image

I'm trying to figure out how to get the file name and path from the working case that's open in PSSE. I looked through the API and couldn't find anything that would return this. (I'm using 33.10 BTW) I know there is the case title function to get that info, but the title doesn't have the file name and path in it.

I'm doing an automated ACCC program and use VBA to read the reports and create a custom report for my users. I'd like to be able to put the working case .sav file name and path into my custom report. I think I know how I'd put it into my custom report (write the file name and path into a text file from PSSE and then the VBA program can get from that text file), but first I need to know how to get the working case file name and path.


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answered 2018-12-27 21:48:06 -0500

jconto gravatar image

Use psspy.sfiles() to get the loaded sav case in PSSe GUI. Check the API manual for details.

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Thanks this worked!

TheBard gravatar imageTheBard ( 2018-12-28 18:22:14 -0500 )edit

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