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How do you output the load of the bus and store it as a variable

asked 2018-08-07 13:57:59 -0500

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In the API manual, psspy.scal_2 controls the scalable load option in PSSE. I don't know how to output the value and store it as a variable? Like using an object/array totals.real. In the manual it says TOTALS(2) is associated with the load MW total. Is this right or is there another code that returns the value of the scabale load. Thank you. The error output is displayed below: AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'real'

 output='LOAD: {} MW'.format(round(totalz,0))
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answered 2018-08-09 11:45:38 -0500

EBahr gravatar image

The TOTALS(2) element is an output variable for the the OLD subsystem load value. If you would like to retrieve the NEW load MW total of your subsystem, use the psspy.alodbuscplx function.

For example:

import psspy
_i, _f = psspy.getbatdefaults()

# Setup subsystem

# Scale load to 20 MW using constant P/Q ratio
ierr, totals, motors = psspy.scal_2(1, 0, 0, [0,1,0,1,0],[20.0,_f,_f,_f,_f,_f,_f])

# Print old load value
print 'OLD LOAD: {} MW'.format(round(totals[1],0))

# Print new load value
ierr, load = psspy.alodbuscplx(1, 1, 'TOTALNOM')
print 'NEW LOAD: {} MW'.format(round(load[0][0].real,0))
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