How to define the time survival of power system in case of lose of power plants?

asked 2018-08-01 02:20:53 -0500

thienvuong90 gravatar image

Hi everybody!

Could anyone please help me with PSS/E software in my case as below: The total load of power system is about 65000 MW. There is a power complex with 5 combined cycle power plants 5x750 MW = 3750 MW. In case of lose of gas supply, the above mentioned power plants will reduce the generation from 3750 MW to 0 MW in 15 minutes. In that time, the total power can be raised from another power plants is only 1000 MW. The question is: how to simulate this case in PSS/E to define how long the power system will be collapsed? and how many MW of load needs to be removed so as to keep the power system in good condition?


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