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What is the stable edition of Numpy for PSSE 32?

asked 2017-09-19 22:19:32 -0500

Linzhi gravatar image


Numpy library is a very popular library for python users in math and science. But psse32 only support python 2.5.1, in which the up-to-date numpy cannot be compatible.

So I looked up for a proper numpy library and found numpy 1.5.1, the release of which said it can be used for python 2.5, but did not precisely given the x of 2.5.x.

My simulation runs well in most of the time, but sometimes the psse32 may result in no responding, leaving me unaware of where the error is. I checked all my while loops to ensure no endless loops exist, so I can only guess that the problem is due to the incompatibility between psse32 and the numpy library.

Why did I think in this way? Because I used to install another python library matplotlib in my python25, when calling functions in matplotlib using psse32, the simulation could be very unstable, sometimes a plot could be worked out, otherwise psse32 resulted in no responding.

Did anybody install numpy for your python25 for psse32?

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answered 2017-09-19 23:43:25 -0500

Linzhi gravatar image

I have found out some other errors in my codes. So it is probably not the numpy that my problem stems from.

But the problem with matplotlib in psse32 exactly exists.

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