A python script to validate and modify several model data in .dyr file ?

asked 2013-07-31 13:52:26 -0500

Yagna gravatar image

I would like to check my dynamic model data against a set of my criteria and modify the values. Since the .dyr file doesn't contain any description, I can create a sort of lookup table to link each model with the description. Is it possible to use a python or perl script to validate the data and apply the changes across all models.


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Hi it's totally possible to do this with either Python or Perl, but people generally use Python because you can connect directly into PSS/E instead of just changing the dyr files. Where are the descriptions kept? Do you have any short example you can show?

JervisW gravatar imageJervisW ( 2013-08-04 18:14:38 -0500 )edit

@JervisW I am trying to write a python script to run through a huge number generator dynamic models and correct the CON values against a set of criteria. I am using functions like mdlind, mdlnam, etc. The issue I am having is I could not store the output of "dlst" command to later verify the CONs

Yagna gravatar imageYagna ( 2013-08-05 12:00:35 -0500 )edit

@JervisW and use a function like "change_con" or change_plmod_con" to modify the data and save the changes to the .snp file. It would be great if you could give me some directions to the APIs that I should be using

Yagna gravatar imageYagna ( 2013-08-05 12:02:59 -0500 )edit

Can you post some small sample output and highlight the parts you'd like to extract?

JervisW gravatar imageJervisW ( 2013-08-06 20:35:52 -0500 )edit