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VAR array access

asked 2017-05-02 15:02:17 -0500

nitishsharmabit gravatar image

is there a way to access "var" variable in psse using python API?

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answered 2017-07-06 21:53:50 -0500

Linzhi gravatar image

@perolofl was right.

more detailedly, the starting indexes of VAR, CON, ICON, STATE can be returned by API like mdlind, lmodind, etc., and the index for the data you want is based on the model documentary.

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answered 2017-05-04 00:52:24 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

You can access the var value with:

ierr, rval = psspy.dsrval('VAR', indx)

where indx is the VAR index.

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