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AREA/ZONE/OWNER based Load flow Report

asked 2015-08-04 01:34:34 -0500

Jervis gravatar image

Dear all,

In PSS/E 33.4 Area/Zone/Owner based load flow report generated with single digit precision.

Is it possible to generate same report with three or four precision digit in PSS/E or with PSS/E API?

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2015-08-06 22:59:37 -0500

Eli Pack gravatar image

Hey Jervis,

I'm not sure whether you can change the settings of these reports to produce higher resolution values, but you should be able to write a script to calculate each of the numbers and report on them at a higher resolution,

I recently wrote a little script that calculates the line charging value (with more decimal places), and reports on the 15 lines contributing most to that value. This might be a useful starting point if you decide to re-write the reporting function.

LIST_LENGTH = 15 # How many lines to show

# get details of all branches in defined subsystem ID
ierr, buses = psspy.abrnint(sid=-1,ties=3,string=['FROMNUMBER','TONUMBER'])
fbuses = buses[0]
tbuses = buses[1]
ierr, (cktids,) = psspy.abrnchar(sid=-1,ties=3,string='ID')
ierr, (charging,) = psspy.abrnreal(sid=-1,ties=3,string='CHARGING')
mvabase = psspy.sysmva()

# iterate every branch in defined subsystem and calculate charging vars
lCharge = []
for fbus,tbus,ckt,charge in zip(fbuses,tbuses,cktids,charging):
    ierr, fbus_puvolt = psspy.busdat(ibus=fbus,string='PU')
    ierr, tbus_puvolt = psspy.busdat(ibus=tbus,string='PU')
    lCharge.append(charge*mvabase/2 * (fbus_puvolt**2 + tbus_puvolt**2))
    total_charge += charge*mvabase/2 * (fbus_puvolt**2 + tbus_puvolt**2)

print "Worst %i lines:" % (LIST_LENGTH)
for f,t,c,l in sorted(zip(fbuses,tbuses,cktids,lCharge),key=lambda x: -1.0*x[3])[0:LIST_LENGTH-1]:
    print "%i-%i (%s) %d MVAr" % (f,t,c.strip(),l)

print "Total Line Charging =", total_charge
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answered 2016-09-19 08:48:33 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

Just change the Power Output Option to kVA with: psspy.power_output(0)

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