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Examples of problems in PDEV/ODEV output

asked 2013-08-11 21:27:12 -0500

jtrain gravatar image

Hi there was an answer here:

that referenced checking PDEV and ODEV output for problems in a dynamic simulation before checking the actual simulation results.

I'm curious, what do you check for?

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answered 2013-08-16 10:58:50 -0500

EBC gravatar image

Here are some additional thoughts aside from Yagna’s:

  • PDEV is basically an output file of what is being reported in the progress window ODEV is the prompt output file but you can include both PDEV output and ODEV output in just one output text file
  • Given the bullets above, if this is reported in the progress window, why do you need to create an output file from PDEV/ODEV? Well, the progress window cuts its report, meaning it has line limitations. When that line limit is reached, it would cut the first reported lines so on and so forth until the simulations is completed, thus you can’t review all that has happened with and by the program. This is the reason why you need PDEV/ODEV output text log file.
  • IMO, any analysis should review what is in the progress window or PDEV/ODEV. This is to ensure you simulated what you wanted and be able to catch some errors/mistakes, if any. You also want to review how the program responded or was prompted in your simulations. For example if you run a large deck of contingencies to several power flow cases, you would want to check if all contingencies converged or diverged or which case/contingency did not solve at all. Note that the ACCC output is just an output and may not show you what is in the progress report or PDEV/ODEV. You can use a text editor (I use crimson editor, again free but effective) to search for “error” or anything you would want to catch.
  • For dynamic simulations, there’s a lot you want to review after the simulations. Are there initial condition suspects which are not acceptable like gen models, governor or excitation models? Are there user models which flagged errors or flags that can be ignored? Did the program prompted error during the fault of clearing or the fault? How the simulation was converging? Did you add a new model; you might want to check if there was no error after you added it. Etc, etc, etc. Again, search for the word “error” or “fault” for quick review.
  • Lastly, any output (power flow or in dynamics) are just the surface of the meat. Go look what’s inside through PDEV/ODEV.
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How do you combine ODEV/PDEV output into a single file? I tried "append" to the first of the two files but the returned error is "file is in use"

Ascegan gravatar imageAscegan ( 2019-12-31 12:42:17 -0500 )edit

answered 2013-08-11 22:56:26 -0500

Yagna gravatar image

We usually check for ZSOURCE errors (when Xsource in sav case is not equal to the the Xd" in the dynamic case models), out of step relay trips and transformer tripping that you might miss in the plots since we do not plot every channel in the simulation.

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answered 2020-01-17 10:57:18 -0500

Ascegan gravatar image

Below is the best I came up with to get all output to one file, its dependent on the order of commands (specify report device first) and the "open file for append" on the prompt and progress commands:

#open with ISLCT = 2 for a file
psspy.report_output(2,outputname+".all.log",[0,0])  #set option (1) to overwrite for existing files. Must do this one first to write all successive otput with option = 2, open file for append APIv33 1.277
psspy.prompt_output(2,outputname+".all.log",[2,0])  #set option(1) to 2 for 'open file for append'
#all of the above written to the same file "outputname.all.log"

While adequate for simulation output, the above don't capture results of "DOCU" or "RAWD." IF anyone has a good writeup on PSSE output strategy, please share.

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