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AttributeError: tuple object has no attribute 'realari' when I tried to print the tap position


I did a program which increases a TAPs position in an OLTC transformer. However, when I want to see the tap position I have an Error. Someone knows how could I obtain the TAP position with print command? or maybe I need to use another, What do you think?

Set the TAP position

ierr, TRF = psspy.two_winding_data_6(ibus_trafo, jbus_trafo, '1', realari4=TAP)

For obtaining the value I used the next command:

print("TAP = " TRF.realari[3])
print("TAP = " TRF.realari4)

I obtained the next error message depending on the print used:

AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'realari'
attributeError: tuple object has no attribute 'realari4'