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REGCA1 dynamic behaviour - bug


I have been working on a simple network containing both synchronous machines and a storage device. For the storage modeling I used the REGCA1 and RECCUU1 models (I do not considered frequency regulation at this stage).

For steady state conditions, the storage is operated at 0 MW. I simulated both short-circuits and generation tripping. Since REGCA1 + RECCUU1 do not have frequency regulation capability, during the simulations, the REGCA' Ipcmd component (state K) is zero, as expected. However, the active power measured at the terminals of the storage device (from the grid side) is significatively different from zero during network disturbances. In fact, I noticed that the REGCA performs primary and secundary frequency regulation, which is not supposed.

I wasted a lot of time with this issue and I could not find which is the problem (I tested with several networks and I have the same problem). Anyone else had the same problem with the REGCA model?

Any suggestion you have I will appreciate.

Thank you, José