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PSS/E file import to DigSilent


DigSilent supports PSS/E raw and dyr files import. I performed one and raw file works as expected. Difficulties occur when dyr file is being uploaded.

I upload the dyr file. Since I am only using standard models from library, i assume that I do not need to define Composite Frame Path and DSl - Model Path, hence 'Use Standard Models from global library' is selected. After import, console window output appears like this:

DIgSI/info - * Reading Dynamic Model Map-File * DIgSI/info - * Reading Dynamic Model File * DIgSI/info - * Preparing Dynamic Models .....
** DIgSI/info - Used Models in file: 'm:\pss-edatafiles\dyrfile\study-modeldyrfilepssinclude.dyr' DIgSI/info - Model Name Found in Map File Userdefined Use Count DIgSI/info - -------------------------------------------------------- DIgSI/info - 'GENROU '
Yes No 156 DIgSI/info - 'PSS2A '
Yes No 17 DIgSI/info - 'SEXS '
Yes No 22 DIgSI/info - 'TGOV1 '
Yes No 17

It seems that Models are imported, but there are no composite frames created and I cannot access the models.

Did anyone performed PSS/E file import to DigSilent?