New (Free) Intel Fortran Compiler - PSSE 33.12.2?

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Good afternoon!

Intel released a new Fortran compiler recently, which is completely free and doesn't require a license. How do I get this new 2021.5 Intel OneAPI HPC Fortran compiler working with PSSE 33.12.2? I'd really like to get this working in PSS/E, if anyone has ideas, please let me know?

I was able to get it working for PSCAD, but not PSSE. To get it working in PSCAD, I did the following:

  1. First install Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition
  2. You must install the “Desktop C++” development packages as well! Remember to check this box when installing.
  3. Then, follow this link:
  4. https: //
  5. Install the “OneAPI Base Toolkit”
  6. Install the “OneAPI HPC Toolkit”
  7. Reboot
  8. Next, to make it work with PSCAD, you need to download the latest Fortran Medic for PSCAD, found here:
  9. http: //
  10. Run Fortran Medic
  11. Actions -> Start
  12. In the output window, you can right-click RED items to try to fix them.
  13. You may also need to select one of the GREEN items to switch your environment to use Visual Studio 2019 Community edition.
  14. After this, open PSCAD.
  15. File -> Options -> Dependencies -> Version: “Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic 2021.5.0”
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