Installing Multiple PSSE 33 or 34 Sub-Versions (Solution)

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Hi all,

I wanted to share something helpful for the PSSE community. You can have multiple PSSE sub-versions installed of PSSE 33 and quickly swap between them, but it takes a little "trick".

If you install PSSE 33.7, copy/paste the C:\Program Files (x86)\PTI\PSSE33\ folder somewhere else,

then install PSSE 33.12.0, copy/paste the C:\Program Files (x86)\PTI\PSSE33\ folder somewhere else,

you can then swap between versions by cut/pasting which folder is in Program Files.

Cut-Paste the 33.7 folder into Program files? Now you have 33.7.

Cut-Paste 33.12.0 folder into Program Files? Now you have 33.12.0.

More-over, Microsoft SysInternals publishes a "junction" program which acts like Linux folder-mounts.


If you additionally keep track of the version you have installed by keeping a Desktop Shortcut which indicates the version, this becomes a really slick way to manage multiple installations.

With a BAT something like below ran as administrator, you can swap between 33.7 and 33.12.2:

taskkill /F /IM psse33.exe

junction.exe -d "C:\Program Files (x86)\PTI\PSSE33"

junction.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\PTI\PSSE33" "C:\PSSE33.12.2RC2\PSSE33"

del /f "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\PSSE 33.7.lnk"

copy "C:\PSSE 33.12.2.lnk" "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\PSSE33.12.2.lnk"

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