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How to get REPC model's VARS parameter?

asked 2021-09-07 21:58:12 -0500

penny870718 gravatar image

Hello everyone: I want to get the VARS parameter by python after simulation, I've tried to use "psspy.mdlind" but it only can used in traditional machine, not in renewable energy. Can someone tell me how to get REPC model's parameter?

Sincerely, Thanks.

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answered 2021-09-08 00:34:37 -0500

perolofl gravatar image

Use API psspy.windmind. See API manaul.

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Could I ask what is "Starting VAR index" in this python function? Can I get each second's VARs value?

penny870718 gravatar imagepenny870718 ( 2021-09-08 00:50:04 -0500 )edit

The API returns the index of the first VAR of the model. After simulation, you can only get the actual value of the VAR, i.e. the value at the end of the simulation.

perolofl gravatar imageperolofl ( 2021-09-08 06:00:29 -0500 )edit

So, if I add a fault in 1 sec, and clear fault in 0.2sec, final run to 20 sec, I can just get 1 sec's VARs, 1.2sec's VARs, and 20 sec's VARs, is it correct?Can I use "psspy.var_channel" to get the actual value of the VARs?

penny870718 gravatar imagepenny870718 ( 2021-09-08 17:33:25 -0500 )edit

I've try to use "psspy.var_channel" to get the VARs value. First, I use "psspy.windmind" to get first VAR of the model. Then, I use "psspy.var_channel(status, ident)" to get the VARs value.

penny870718 gravatar imagepenny870718 ( 2021-09-08 19:36:48 -0500 )edit

Which "status" I just key in the first VAR of the model that I've got by "psspy.windmind", and the "ident" I just key in a space, like ' '. The result of PSS/E just print "Invalid VAR index: <omitted value="">; value must be in the range 1 through 250000 (002502)".

penny870718 gravatar imagepenny870718 ( 2021-09-08 19:48:13 -0500 )edit

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