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Transformer data to PSS /E

asked 2021-08-19 11:53:03 -0500

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Transformer Winding Data

Primary-H 161 kV GND Y AO=68.325 FA=91.1

Secondary-X 13.5 kV Delta

Base MVA=68.325 Base kV=13.5

Transformer Impedance Data


H to X X1= 11.0%

Transformer De-Energized Tap Changer

Tap 2 165.025

These data as I enter the transformer in PSS E.

I hope someone can support me.

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answered 2021-08-23 02:47:23 -0500

perolofl gravatar image


Winding I/O Code: Winding voltage (kV)

Winding 1 Ratio: 165.025

Winding 2 Ratio: 13.5

Impedance I/O Code: Zpu (winding base)

Winding MVA Base: 68.325

Specified X: 0.11

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