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asked 2021-07-23 02:47:18 -0500

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In PLNTBU1 there are two output signal, Wext and Pext which are the inputs in the two REAX4BU1 which are modelled.

When I have REPCA PPC, I modified Vref or Pref in order to get a change in the voltage or active power repectively. In the PLNTBU1, to get a voltage step at control bus, should Vref be modified? And to have a change in Pref should Plantpref be modified? When I changed Vref I can see an voltage step at POI whereas a change in Plantpref does not change anything.

What are AUX VAR used for? Are they linked to the Auxiliary-signal models (CHAAUT, CPAAUT, etc...) I don't have?

In REAX4BU1 there are wref1 and pref1? How are these vars calculated? Is something I can change?

i am performing MNOD26 and 27, and usually I modified kp, kpg, ki and kig. In this case, in PLNTBU1 I suppose the same k should be modified. But in REAX4BU1, can kw1 and kp1 be modified?

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answered 2022-09-08 05:59:47 -0500

ramadhan gravatar image

Hello there, the output of PLNTBU1 will go to REAX4BU1 Controller. In addition you can also modify the the value kw1 &kp1 similar with (1%-5%) droop on rating capacity concept

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